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I don't understand... what to do?... Looks nice though and the music is cool...

Hey, thanks for trying it out! So, the game was presented at a game jam in real life and was designed where 2 people are playing the game on 2 different computers across from each other (could not see each others screens). 1 player is the "rescue team" at the goal and the other player is the "crash landed" in the middle of the map. The 2 players are supposed to speak to each other to find the goal using land marks and visual cues, to ultimately "escape" the alien planet. If you were playing it by yourself, just go right to "crash landed" and try to find the goal.

Since it was made during a game jam, everything you see here was made within 48 hours, so unfortunately, we didn't have a lot of time to flesh out the map and gameplay. Just the bare basics you see here!

Thanks for the compliments on the graphics and music. We are working on taking this concept and making a fully featured game in the near future.